Student Council

Student Council is a student body that enables its members in carrying out school activities. They help share student ideas, interests and concerns with the school wide community. The school has Senior and Junior councils which comprises of Head Boy, Head Girl, School Captains, Head Prefects, House Captains, Art Editors, Editorial Heads, Sports Captains, Cultural Heads, Discipline Captains and IT Captains.

From the current academic year, ten new posts have been introduced, which include Captain Student Moderators and two House Prefects from each House.

S.No. Designation Students
1. Head Girl Keshni Goel
2. Head Boy Mohammed Sarim
3. School Captian Ronak Pattnaik
4. School Captian Gunjan Gautam
5. Head Prefect Manu Kaushik
6. Head Prefect Ananya Sharma
7. Discpline In Charge Suvijay Mahendru
8. Discpline In Charge Niharika Arora
9. Sports Captian Pulkit Chauhan
10. Sports Captian Kripa Kaur
11. Art Editor Elias Wahezy
12. Art Editor Ojasvy
13. Editorial Head Vansh Garg
14. Editorial Head Divyanshi Kapoor
15. Cultural Head Ansh Rishi
16. Cultural Head Purnima Negi
17. IT Captain Karan Arora
18. IT Captain Charu Garg
19. Nilgiri House Captain Shantanu Lawrence Volz
20. Nilgiri House Captain Ishika Goyal
21. Himalaya House Captian Aaditya Parvin Patil
22. Himalaya House Captian Srishty Kumar
23. Aravali House Captain Vansh Arora
24. Aravali House Captain Shirin Karwani
25. Satpura House Captian Sanjeet Kumar Jena
26. Satpura House Captian Karuna Makkar
27. Student Moderator Shreyas Divakaran
28. Student Moderator Ashmi Sharma
29. Nilgiri House Prefect Ritesh Yadav
30. Nilgiri House Prefect Deepti Sinha
31. Himalaya House Prefect Karandeep Kamboj
32. Himalaya House Prefect Saumya Satija
33. Aravali House Prefect Akshat Dawar
34. Aravali House Prefect Rohina Singh
35. Satpura House Prefect Karan Mahtolia
36. Satpura House Prefect Faiza Shams

Vice Captains

S.No. Designation Students
1. Vice Captain Aravali House Priyanshu Satapathy
2. Vice Captain Aravali House Jahnvi Rout
3. Vice Captain Satpura House Aryan Tiwari
4. Vice Captain Satpura House Disha Dhanai
5. Vice Captain Nilgiri House Akash Pandey
6. Vice Captain Nilgiri House Sakshi Kumari
7. Vice Captain Himalaya House V Jonah Christopher
8. Vice Captain Himalaya House Manasvi Sharma
9. Assistant Cultural Head Harshit Mehta
10. Assistant Cultural Head Shreya Goenka
11. Assistant Discipline Incharge Arushi Choudhary
12. Assistant Discipline Incharge Lakshay Garg
13. Vice Sports Captain Tanish
14. Vice Sports Captain Aanchal Phogaat
15. Assistant Art Editor Pratham Swarup
16. Assistant Art Editor Shambhavi Sharma
17. Assistant Editorial Head Siddharth Tewari
18. Assistant Editorial Head Tanya Singhal
19. Assistant IT Captain Achintya Bansal
20. Assistant IT Captain Mishty Verma