NCC/Bharat Scouts and Guides

The school promotes NCC and Scouts and Guides activities for students. Various activities related to Community Development, Social Service, Adventure, Environmental Conservation, Vocational Skills, National Integration, Discipline Brotherhood and Leadership qualities are conducted in order to enable the students to be responsible citizen of our country.

GFS NCC students joined the

GFS NCC students joined the

On a trek to Himalayan Regions

Attending the “A” certificate examination

School Parade

Regular parade, drills inculcates the value of discipline and fitness among the cadets

GFS NCC Students

SPIC Macay

SPIC Macay (Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And culture Amongst Youth) is a non-political, nationwide, voluntary movement which seeks to inspire youth through experiencing the mysticism embodied in the rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry of Indian and World Heritage.

Green Fields School in association with Spic Macay hosts the Annual Virasat Programme every year where eminent artists perform and exhibit their talents.

Chhau Dance

Chhau Dance

Bharatnatyam by Rama Vaidyanathan

Bharatnatyam by Rama Vaidyanathan

Students at Spic Macay Convention, IIT Kharagpur

Students at Spic Macay Convention, IIT Kharagpur

Sitar Recital by Saskia Rao

Dhol Cholom in Manipuri style

Dhrupad Concert

Meal Planning Club – Shakers and Bakers

This club encourages and motivates students to learn “The Art of Cooking: Its when you mix craftmanship at the highest level with creativity”.

In this club, young chef of Green Fields School thinks like a scientist, organize themselves like an accountant, plate like an artist and cooks like a nutritionist. It not only teach to prepare and cook a variety of predominantly savour dishes using a range of cooking techniques but also helps students to understand and apply the principles of a healthy and varied diet. This enables the children to produce recipes that are stimulating and nutritious.

With facilitation, children learn about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, how to plan and prepare balanced meals, find out what food is in season, read and understand food labels, learn about food hygiene and food safety skills, and, above all develops confidence and knowledge about food preparation, cooking and presenting.

“This club is a Melange of Science and Art with Unique Flavours.

Heritage Club and Intach – Dedicated to Conservation

GFS: Virasat-Heritage Club has been working in association with INTACH -HECS, New Delhi, to promote heritage education and spread awareness about India’s Natural, Built, Cultural and Living Heritages to all people, particularly the younger masses. The objective of Virasat- Heritage Club is to create and conduct heritage awareness activities. Apart from activities centric programmes, Social Science teachers are sent to Teacher Training Programme by INTACH, where teachers are trained to conduct Museum visits, Heritage walks, Clean-up drives, Crafts-workshops and preparing Activity Sheets and Posters for the bi-monthly INTACH Newsletter- ‘Young INTACH’. Activities that are undertaken throughout the year were – Monument Walks and Clean-Up Drives, Students workshops on restoration and conservation of various types of heritages, workshop on Gandhiji to mark the150th Birth Anniversary and Museum Visits like Parliament House Museum and Rashtrapati Bhawan Museum and Street Play to commemorate the World Heritage Day.

Students at Nizamuddin Basti

Clean-Up Drive at Hauz Khas

Posters by GFS- Virasat Club for ‘Young INTACH’

Workshop on Art Restoration at INTACH

Teacher’s Training Workshop at INTACH

Workshop- ‘Gandhi at 150’

Students with Director INTACH- Ms. Purnima Dutt

Street Play by Virasat Club – on World Heritage Day

Rashtrapati Bhawan Museum Visit

Webinar on World Heritage Day

Painting Club –  Splash

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will”

Art is the powerful medium for student to explore not only the power of the brush but also to interpret borders. Art stimulates imagination to watch a child completely engrossed in arts is to recognize that the brain is active and driven by aesthetics and emotions, to make meaning, to state opinions and to represent what matters to them. In GFS, to achieve this goal we go through various forms of art activities like portrait making, Craft, Wall Painting, Outdoor Sketching, Poster Making, etc.

Athul Krishna – XII E
Topic: Portrait Making

Mehha Surlia – XII E
Topic: Still Life

Vaishnavi Mamgain – VIII B
Topic: Card Making

Sambhav Khurana – VIII C
Topic: Poster Making

Abhrojit Sutradhar – VIII C
Topic: Wall Painting

Outdoor Sketching By
Senior Students

Craft Work

Mandala Art

Mosaic Work

Still Life

Life Study

Stamp Designing

Art Work On Festival

Art Work on Festival

Eco Club – Haritima

The GREEN FIELDS SCHOOL Eco club “HARITIMA” aims to sensitize all its students towards a cleaner greener environment & spread awareness among the community about the growing menace of pollution. The school is a plastic -free zone & the teachers & students are involved in various “ Save the earth” related activities.

Save the Flora & Fauna of the Earth –  Save Wild Life

Mask Making Activity

Best out of Waste

Plant a Tree to Save Life

T- Shirt painting on 3 Rs- Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Do Right Save Light

Creativity is making marvellous out of the discarded

Each One Plant One

Entrepreneurship Club – Bright Business Beginning (B3)

Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled. An entrepreneur does not need fancy degrees and certificates. We, ‘Bright Business Beginning’, an entrepreneur club for young minds, believe that students not only have the capability to brainstorm and come up with creative ideas but can also execute them and reach the zenith of success. The objective of this club is to provide students a platform to learn entrepreneurship.

The team focuses on imparting the knowledge to students about the various aspects of creating and handling a start-up, handling finances, being a team player, branding, marketing and much more.

The students of the club is actively participating in “School Enterprise Challenge”, hosted by a London based NGO “Teach a Man to Fish”.

School has achieved BRONZE LEVEL AWARD and now progressing for the SILVER LEVEL AWARD.

School has achieved BRONZE LEVEL AWARD

Promoting the Entrepreneur Skills of students through various activities

Organising motivational lectures For students on Entreprenurship

In-house products manufacturing for arranging funds

Marketing survey for product selling

Green Fields School is participating at the Silver level

Samarpan Interact Club – Service above Self

Green Fields School interactors have always been dedicated (samarpit) and thus our club Samarpan. Interact club continues to work for the society. Many projects have been successfully completed in this session like:

  • Various rallies on swachhta , fitness and medical check-up camps.
  • Visit to Rotary Viklang Kendra.
  • Distribution of mosquito nets to the poor.

We the interactors of GFS are and will continue to be the change the world wants to see in the society.

Class canteen for raising funds for donation

Distribution of mosquito nets to the poor on the roadside

Swachhta rally near Green Park metro station

Visit to the Rotary Viklang Kendra

Plantation Drive

Langar Sewa at Green Park Gurudwara

Our thanks to all the frontline heroes