Heads of Department

The faculty of Green Fields School is the backbone of all curricular and extracurricular achievements that the school has amassed. Each member of the faculty is highly qualified and experienced in their respective field, making them able guides to the budding youth we mentor at GFS.

Our teachers define our core values of fine, modern education that is highly impactful and globally relevant. They are not just masters of their subjects, but also artful instructors, who can impart knowledge in the most lucid modes possible.

A key contributor to our faculty’s proficiency in teaching is their effective use of technology. By leveraging the benefits of smart classes, online resources, and state-of-the-art computer software, they create an interactive learning experience that is effective without fail.

In recent times, our teachers have sought to broaden the horizons of knowledge, by adding a global dimension to academics. This ensures that the students of GFS are at par with their international counterparts and enjoy a wholesome journey of education.

Leading the Way

Ms. Mini Khanna

Ms. Aarti Aggarwal
Vice Prinicipal

Ms. Vikramjeet Kaur
Primary Incharge

Ms. Varsha Goenka
Incharge (Classes I-II)

Ms. Rakhi Indoria
Incharge (Classes VI-VIII)

Heads of Department

Ms. Aarti Aggarwal

Ms. Punita Chandra

Ms. Shikha Malhotra

Ms. Jinsy Tomish

Ms. Sripurna Banerjee
Social Science

Mr. Amar Nath Sharma

Ms. Anju Chellani

Dr. Nand Lal Sharma

Mr. Akshay Bhalla

Ms. Davinder Bhardwaj
Physical Education

Mr. Kumar Rakesh