May 9, 2020


Veer Ras Kavita Path, Spell Bee, Handwriting Competition, Show-n-Tell, Recitation, Debate ,JAM Sessions, Debates, Fancy Dress Competitions, Role Plays, Group Singing and many more such activities are organized for students to tap their creative skills.
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Young GFSites are ambassadors of spreading strong and positive messages such as saving Environment, Celebrating Festivals, Special Days and Health and Fitness Ralleys. Share a meal activity inculcates empathy and sharing and caring attitude amongst the students.
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Junior students look forward to enjoy a day with their Grandparents in school. Every year Grandparents Day is celebrated to give respect and show our gratitude to them who are a fundamental pillar in the education of grandchildren. A colourful extravaganza of cultural programmes and games are conducted to make the event a memorable one....
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Special assemblies are conducted regularly to spread messages, celebrate special days/ Occasions. Maximum participation of students helps enhancing the public speaking skill, confidence and basic stage ethics among the students.
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Participation in a Mega Event of Solar Lamp Making confirms that the students are ‘United for Change’. Students learn the sustainability lesson in their attempt to break the World Record by lighting the largest number of Solar Lamps at Global Student Solar Assembly.
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GFS is part of an International Award Programme for Schools around the world for developing entrepreneurship skills among the students. Team GFS won Bronze Medal for the “Project Hand Wash” which conveys the message of sustainable Hygiene for communities.
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Students enthusiastically participate in this event to showcase their Debating Skills, Problem Solving Abilities and Leadership Qualities.
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Students take up the responsibility to keep the school as well as neighbourhood clean. Information about Bio Degradable and Non Bio Degradable Waste is also shared and demonstrated by students.
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