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“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,we borrow it from our children “

The earth week was observed in the school from 17th April ‘17 to 22nd April ‘17. The entire week was replete with activities and to lay emphasis on the importance of preserving the environment. Indiscriminate felling of trees with indiscreet and irrational construction, followed by pollution from industries and reckless disposal of wastes have taken its toll on nature.Hence ,to create awareness among children ,various activities like slogan writing ,folder making  and plantation drive were conducted .Banner and colorful charts were put up with slogans like “ Go Green and Plant a tree today “. A flash march was organised to educate children on issues like global warming ,deforestation and conservation of energy .The students planted the saplings them in the school ground . The teachers offered them friendly tips to ensure that each sapling was carefully tended. The students of primary classes in their dazzling attires presented a dance drama depicting the sad plight of mother earth.

Deputy Director, Ms. Shweta Kapoor interacted with the students and shared her valuable thoughts with the little ones.

Each one – plant one

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